The 2012 Annual Excellence in
Education Gala

At our 2012 Annual Excellence in Education Gala, we
honored the following Teaching Excellence Award winners:

  • Joshua Hastings, Richmond High School
  • Maria Saxton, Washington Elementary School
  • Abigail Sims-Evelyn, LoVonya DeJean Middle School
  • Tracey Singh-Poole, DeAnza High School

We also honored the Distinguished Citizen Award winner, Todd Groves. Mr. Groves has volunteered countless hours to support Portola Middle School and El Cerrito High School both as a volunteer and
coordinator for the WriterCoach Connection.

Over 60 of the 80 Ed Fund Scholarship finalists were also in

The Ed Fund would like to thank everyone who supported us by

A special thanks goes to our event sponsors, who made it possible to put on a very successful event. See a complete list of the sponsors of the 24th Annual Excellence in Education Gala.