Conference educates prospective freshmen

In preparation for college, high school students and parents attended the fifth annual “Getting Ready for College Conference” that was held in LA-100 on Saturday.

Hosted by West County College Access Network (WCCAN) and the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD), the conference gave an overview of applications, types of colleges to attend and financial aid for high school students.

“We are creating these resources for K-12 students so that they can be prepared for college,” Joel Mackey, executive director of the West Contra Costa Public Education Fund said.

“The (students need to) understand college can be a reality for them. It is a necessity in our world today.”

The conference touched on the steps that the WCCAN goes through to help teachers and parents make sure that students are financially and academically prepared to continue their education after high school…

West Contra Costa Public Education Fund, also known as the Ed. Fund, had its members at the event talk about college life while also explaining how to plan and apply for college.

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