Cash for College: Ensuring that all Students have Equal Access to Completing their Financial Aid

This month, high school seniors will begin their final semester of school. As these students eagerly prepare to graduate and look ahead to college, they will face a most daunting challenge. How will they pay for a college education? How students and their families meet this challenge will determine whether or not they attend college.

Given the rising cost of college, eighty-two percent of college applicants and their parents polled in the Princeton Review’s 2014 “College Hopes & Worries Survey” estimated that the cost of college would be more than $75,000 and eighty-nine percent indicated that as a result, financial aid will be “extremely” necessary to pay for college.

While the federal government provides almost $150 billion a year to help students pay for college, thousands of students don’t go to college simply because they believe that they can’t afford it.

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