How parents, communities and
businesses can have a collective impact on students’ futures

In West Contra Costa, education matters. We strive to build better futures for our students and open the doors to future opportunity. From postsecondary education to successful careers in tomorrow’s job market, our students’ futures are our priority.

As an instructor at San Francisco State and CSU East Bay, I see the direct impact of an early emphasis on higher education. Setting high expectations helps lead to greater confidence, commitment and preparation for our students’ futures.

Just this year, Middle College High School was ranked among the top 15 percent of high schools for college and career preparation in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

The current job market demands that our youth focus on career-centric fields beginning as early as primary and secondary education. It is becoming progressively critical that we equip our students — tomorrow’s leaders — with the skills needed to grow and sustain a workforce that is competitive both locally and globally.

Many of the best jobs — those in fields like science, health, technology and energy — will require specialized training and education beginning at a young age. A growing percentage of jobs in the modern economy, including many positions at California’s largest employers, like Chevron, Cisco, NASA and Boeing, are technical and require preparation in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

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