Student Success Stories

Transfer Student Success! -From Contra Costa College to San José State University

Yesterday, June 28th, was my last day as a community college student at Contra Costa College. A lot has happened to me since graduating from high school in 2013. It is 2016 now and I’m headed off to my university— San José State University.


San Jose State, Class of 2018

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You Are Not Alone

It wasn’t until one day I went to my English professor’s office hours and she asked, “How come you don’t participate in class?” As I started in silence, shocked that she noticed, I clearly remember answering, “I’m scared, I’m scared of being wrong.” And at that moment I couldn’t believe I was telling her how I felt. She looked at me and responded, “Oh honey, don’t you worry, you are here for a reason and that is to leave your mark, but in order to leave your mark and continue your goals you have to boost your confidence.”


UC Merced, Class of 2019

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Educational Equity

Ultimately, an education from UC Davis will allow me to go back to my community and become a social entrepreneur. I am committed to the social responsibility of providing disadvantaged students with quality education based in supportive communities. … People fought for me to have the opportunity to attend a university, and now it is my turn to fight for the next generation who will grow up in my neighborhood.


University of California Davis, Class of 2019

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New experiences

This spring semester is going to be different. My main focus will be school and work will come second. I think the most important thing I’ve learned this semester was that I still need the help of my parents. I made the mistake of putting a job ahead of my education and I will never make that mistake again


San Francisco State University, Class of 2019

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