Student Success Stories

Educational Equity

Ultimately, an education from UC Davis will allow me to go back to my community and become a social entrepreneur. I am committed to the social responsibility of providing disadvantaged students with quality education based in supportive communities. … People fought for me to have the opportunity to attend a university, and now it is my turn to fight for the next generation who will grow up in my neighborhood.


University of California Davis, Class of 2019

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New experiences

This spring semester is going to be different. My main focus will be school and work will come second. I think the most important thing I’ve learned this semester was that I still need the help of my parents. I made the mistake of putting a job ahead of my education and I will never make that mistake again


San Francisco State University, Class of 2019

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“Put in the extra hard work”

In my Video Game Development class, I always have a hard time connecting traditional drawing ( real life sketching ) to digital drawing. So everyday I stay in the class for 2-6 extra hours a day whenever I have the class again. Why? Because I realized this type of work is something I want to do for the rest of my life, so if I want to try to be the best or actually get the job I truly want, I have to work hard at it and give it 120%.


Chico State University, Class of 2019

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Unexpectedly Meeting Friends

Now looking back on it, I finally understand what people mean by college forces you to get out of your comfort zone. In just the first few months, I have come in contact with people who come from different walks of life, that have challenged my views on life for the better. I feel like I would not have gotten this opportunity anywhere else, but college.


Saint Mary’s College of California, Class of 2019

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First “Real” College Experience after STEP

I walked up to his desk and handed [my professor] the paper. Then, we just made eye contact and kept it for about 30 seconds before he asked “Do you have any questions?” I stood with a blank face and simply said “No” and walked out. I was able to go back and clear things up when I worked up enough courage to do so. This was a great college experience, helped me actually start talking to my professors, and is also a good story I get to tell my friends and people who just have questions about talking to their professors alike.


UC Davis, Class of 2019

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First Quarter

When I found out that as a student I had to make the first move and seek help from the professor during their office hours, I was so nervous. I was scared they would turn me away or they would think that I was not smart because I did not understand. In contrast, my professor was actually easy to talk to, he even stayed longer than his scheduled time to explain the material to me. I now find myself going to all of my professors’ office hours to get feedback on an assignment or just to gain some clarity on what we may have talked about in class.

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, Class of 2019


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Accepting My Decision

Attending Contra Costa College wasn’t easy for me. There was a lot of reasons why I didn’t want to go to a community college. I didn’t want to attend CCC because of other people negative opinions, stereotypes of CC and for some reason I felt that it was going to be like High School. I made my choice to attend CCC and it has been the best decision in my life by far.


Contra Costa College, Class of 2019

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