College Tips & Help

The annual Getting Ready for College Conference for West County students is held in the Fall. The goal of the conference is to provide students and parents with knowledge necessary for the college application process. Below are some of the resources made available to conference attendees.

2016 Handouts

Preparing Your Student for College Admissions

The Preparing Your Student for College Admissions presentation lays out the benefits of a college education and explains the different preparations that students and parents should make during different years of high school. The presentation gives an overview of the higher education system and outlines the cost of going to college.  Financial aid options are presented to help parents and students understand how to pay for college.

College Guide for Undocumented Students

Brag Sheets

Brag sheets are a way for students to prepare for interviews for colleges, scholarships, grants, and even jobs. By answering the questions on these sheets, students can set themselves ahead of the pack, with ready-made
talking points to give them confidence and poise.

Brag Sheet for College Applicants

10 Things to Do to Get into College

This is a listing of steps that students and parents can take, from eighth grade on, to make college acceptance more probable. (Sorry only available in Spanish)

Descubra 10 formas de iniciar la planificación para la universidad

Financial Aid Presentation at Cash for College Nights

Applying for Financial Aid

Documents Needed to Apply for Aid from the Federal and State Government

List of Documents You Need to Apply for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Dream Act

Grant and Scholarship Help

Grants and scholarships pay for tuition for millions of college students, but students from families with lower incomes are not as likely to apply for them. This guide takes you through the confusing options so you can best take advantage of the scholarships and grants that are right for you.

Local Scholarships