Brag Sheets

Name: ____________________________________________

What is a brag sheet?

Remember, you are amazing!

A brag sheet helps you think about who you are and what makes you special! It is a tool to help start the writing process for personal statements, college admission and scholarship essays. Share with teachers, counselors, or college advisers who plan to write your letters of recommendation.

Tips for completing this sheet

Complete the questions with as much detail as possible. Do not assume readers of this sheet know what you mean. Use the tips below to complete this sheet and to complete the extracurricular activities section of college applications)

A. Spell out name of the award/honor instead of using acronyms.

B. Provide details of achievements and quantify where possible.

Example 1:

DON’T – “Cal Prep High School Leadership Award” for being a leader in my high school.

DO – “Cal Prep High School Leadership Award” for assisting teachers at my school with coordinating, planning, and implementing 3 events for 80 students, serving as a mentor to 11th grade students, and fundraising $1000 for a college visit. This award is only given to 3 students in my school.

Example 2:

DON’T – “California Youth Summit Finalist”

DO (include) -“Only 1 out of 40 students statewide are accepted to present at this conference”.

C. Include any responsibilities, achievements, or activities outside of school, i.e., home/in your family, in your community, etc. Colleges value leadership at many levels. The more detailed, the more helpful.

D. Be honest.

Take the time to think over your responses and write out complete answers that are thorough. Remember, college admissions officers are looking for quality writing on your applications so it is important that you meet that standard on this assignment as well.

Your Background and Goals

  1. What are the characteristics of your neighborhood (e.g. small, big, rural, urban, low-income, middle-income, diverse, etc.)?
  2. What are the opportunities and/or challenges that come from living in your community?
  3. What are the cultures that you identify with/other languages you speak?
  4. What is the size of your family? Are you an only child or do you come from a large family? Who lives in your household? What roles do you play in your family?
  5. Briefly describe your family’s economic background.
  6. My hobbies, passions, areas of interest: (list 3-5)
  7. My favorite academic courses/subjects:
  8. What do you consider your greatest academic strengths and weaknesses?
  9. What do you consider your greatest personal strengths and weaknesses?
  10. Majors I am interested in: (list 3)
  11. Careers I am interested in: (list 3)
  12. Three things that are very important to me in my life are:
  13. Six words that best describe my personality and character are (e.g. a leader, athletic, resilient, activist, environmentally conscious, socially conscious, etc.):
  14. In 15 years how do you see yourself (e.g. what type of career, lifestyle, family, involvement in the community, etc.)?
  15. Describe a difficulty you overcame in your life.
  16. Give one example of a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, a time when you stood up for what you believe in, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.

Your Current Activities

  1. What type of high school do you attend? Is it large or small? Is it a magnet program or charter school? Are you in an academy?
  2. What do you feel sets you apart as an individual in your school?
  3. How have you contributed to your high school community?
  4. Please list any special college preparation programs (e.g. AVID, Upward Bound, EAOP, College Track, Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco Camp to College program) that you are a part of and how long have you participate in these programs?
  5. In what ways are you challenging yourself to prepare for college?
  6. What types of honors and awards have you received (list and describe the most significant awards you have received since 9th grade)?
  7. Describe a personal achievement that has given you satisfaction.
  8. What types of extracurricular activities are you a part of (e.g. school related, community service, family responsibilities, work, church activities, visual or performing arts, athletics, etc.) and how long have you participated in these activities?
  9. If you currently work and have worked throughout high school, please list the type of jobs you have had, what your responsibilities were/are and when you did these jobs/what grades were you employed (e.g. 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th).
  10. Have you participated in any study abroad, world travel or cultural exchange programs? If so, please describe.

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