Getting Ready for College Conference: Opening Address

Annual Getting Ready for College Conference

Presented by: West County College Access NetworkWest County College Access Network

Why Does College Matter? Why College?
• HS diploma is no longer enough
• Higher income
• Better working conditions
• Increase life opportunities
• Gain knowledge
• Make yourself & family proud
• Help your community
• Better quality of life
• Which college is right for me?

There are over 75 private nonprofit universities in California with over 135 satellite campuses statewide.
All private schools are different
• Application process
• Programs offered
• Selectivity
Of students who attend private schools
• 85% receive financial aid
• 60% graduate in four years
• 54% belong to a minority group
You don’t truly know how much a school will cost until after you see the financial aid package in the spring!

Ask the question: what matters to you most?
Find the school that’s the best fit for you!
• Class size, access to faculty and student support services
At Holy Names University
• Average class size is 10
• Student to faculty ratio is 14:1
• Consistently ranked as one of the most diverse campuses in the country
Enroll in the Early Admit Program today!
• Guaranteed Admission to HNU from partner schools for student who meet the minimum requirements of the program
• Students who complete the A-G curriculum in its entirety with a minimum GPA of a 2.7 in A-G coursework are guaranteed admission to HNU with a minimum
$9,000 scholarship

A Viable Option for College
Historical Black Colleges & Universities
• 105 of Campuses
• Locations: South and East Coast
• Providing a good sound education for all
• School size varies from 789 to over 6000
• All schools have programs they are known for and produce top grads for all career fields
Benefits of Attending
• A soulful flavor and a great first generation or underrepresented student experience
• Great Value for what you receive
– Not all students attending are African American
– Many colleges have 20 to 40 % non AA students
• Eligibility
– Selective HBCU’s 3.0 or better and 1100 on SAT
– 2.5 GPA with a 950 on the SAT
• HBCU Applications for scholarships consideration due by Dec 1st; for regular admission March 1st:
– Application
– Personal Statement
– 2 Letters of Rec are required by some HBCU

Contra Costa College


PHONE: (510) 235-7800
FAX: (510) 236-6768
School Mascot: Comets
School Colors: Silver and Blue
Semester System: Fall Registration (May)
Spring Registration (Jan.)
Summer Intersession (May) Student Enrollment
• 112 Community Colleges in California, Serving 1.6 million
• District wide we serve an average of 40,000 students.
• Contra Costa College serves an average of 8,000 students.
Who is Eligible for Admission?
• You are 18 years of age or older or a high school graduate.
• You have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam,
and have been awarded a Certificate of Proficiency.
• You are a secondary school student in grades K-12 and are recommended in writing by your principal, or counselor.
• You are an international student who has been accepted for admission or Assembly Bill (AB-540).
“Welcome to Contra Costa College!”

CSU Overview
• Largest university system in the country, 23 campuses
• 433,054 students
• Each campus is unique
• CSU campuses have distinct student populations & programs
• Prepares job ready graduates
Our Campus
• Campuses – Hayward and Concord
• Diverse, Career Oriented, Small Class Size
• Student Body: 14,000+ students
• 52 Baccalaureate Degrees, 65 Minors
Ricardo Avitia, Enrollment CounselorEligibility
– A-G Requirements
– Eligibility Index (GPA + SAT/ACT Test Scores)
– HS Graduate, Complete GED or California High School
Proficiency Exam
Our Application: Open until November 30th
Activities: Over 120 Clubs and Organizations
Financial Aid: More than $100 Million awarded annually, including scholarships, state and federal grants and loans, and Work-Study programs

Public university system

  • 9 undergraduate campuses
  • Urban, rural and suburban settings
  • Near the ocean, desert, valley, mountains
  • Choose from 700+ majors
  • Astrophysics (UCI) – Zoology (UCSB)


  • Education Abroad Program (-35 countries)
  • UCDC / Sacramento Center
  • Intercampus Visitor
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Internships

Three UC Requirements

  • A-G Course Pattern
  • Required Exams
  •  SAT Reasoning


  • ACT plus Writing
  • Recommended SAT Subject Exam


College of Engineering/Chemistry

  • Weighted GPA

UC GPA =10th+ 11th grade A-G courses only
Minimum 3.0 GPA (CA residents)
Minimum 3.4 GPA (Out-of-state)
One UC Application for all nine UC campuses
Deadline: Friday, November 30th

  • Not the Common App
  • Do not accept letters of recommendation or transcripts
  • No rolling admission/early action

Personal Statement

  • Section of the application
  • Two separate prompts
  • Separate responses required for both

Applying for Financial Aid

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) & CA Dream Application Application Process:
1. Complete the FAFSA or Dream Application online
2. Apply soon after Jan. 1 of Senior Year
3. Wait for your Student Aid Report (SAR)

  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

4. Receive financial aid packages from colleges or