Ed Fund Arts & Music Impact Grants

The focus area of the Impact Grant Program is arts and music. The grant program is intended to enable
teachers, schools and the district to bring innovative and effective instructional ideas to reality. The Ed Fund has awarded grants totaling over $2 million to West Contra Costa Unified Schools District (WCCUSD) schools since 1983. Ed Fund grants are aligned with the Ed Fund’s mission of providing high-quality learning
experiences, promoting community engagement and investment in education, and supporting student
access to educational opportunities.

The Ed Fund Arts & Music Initiative strives to encourage use of these Impact Grants to support Arts & Music
education in the public schools of the West Contra Costa Unified School District based on two guiding goals:

  1. Actively engage students in learning, and
  2. Support effective, quality instruction based on research and exemplary practices.

The Ed Fund Impact Grant will award between $750 – $5,000 for projects.  The Ed Fund Impact Grant process spans a one-year period.

Digital Arts, including photography
Fine Arts

  • Design innovative, exciting projects, with high student impact
  • Increase student engagement, motivation, and exposure to new concepts and ideas
  • Create  access, opportunity, and advantage for every student
  • Grants that are collaboratively created that increase community involvement
  • Address student’s academic, social, or emotional needs
  • Create a sustainable change for students

  • All teachers (including new teachers) and principals. parents, students or other employees working with teachers or principals can also apply.
  • We encourage non-profits working within our schools to apply.
  • Principals must sign off on all grant applications
  • Projects that have been awarded an Ed Fund Grant for two consecutive years will not be awarded.

Ed Fund Impact Grants will not be used to fund salaries, teacher release time, refreshments or catering, or equipment lists. Applications limited to funding equipment, supplies, tools or technology will not be considered without an accompanying project or program that describes instructional impact on students.

For more information, contact robert@edfundwest.org