For Ed Fund Scholars

Congratulations to all 2017 Ed Fund Scholars! The Ed Fund received many applications and worked with a committee
to choose students with the grit and passion it takes to succeed in college and give back to their community. Huge thanks go out to the Schroeder Family Foundation, The Irene S. Scully Family Foundation, the Whittier Educational Foundation, the Bernice Bell Memorial Foundation and the African American Male scholarship for making this possible.

Scholar Blogs

Ed Fund Scholars are required to write two blogs throughout their first year. These blogs are meant to give you the space to share your successes and reflect on your experiences as you transition into college life. Blog prompts are sent out every other month, but you are neither obligated nor limited to the reflection questions provided.

How to Submit a Post: Submit your blog post at the links listed below. The forms are  password protected. Check your email or request the password from If you’re having trouble getting started? Read Student Success Stories from past and present Scholars.

Submit your blog post here


Campus Involvement and Volunteer Hours

Campus Community Involvement: 20 hours required

Want to knock out a few Campus Community Involvement hours during your first few weeks of school? Check out club meetings, visit your professors during office hours, meet with your college adviser, or get involved with anything that links you to your campus. You can even start up a study group! 

How to log your hours: Log your Campus Community Involvement Hours.

Ed Fund Volunteer Hours: 5 hours required

Our organization will host events all throughout the year to provide resources and celebrate successes in our community. Upcoming volunteer opportunities will be listed in the “Volunteer Opportunities” section below.

How to log your hours: Log your Ed Fund Volunteer Hours

Upcoming Events

Getting Ready for College Conference:  October 29, 2016 at the Richmond Convention Center

Ed Fund Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

College Resources

We would like to compile a list of college resources made by our Scholars and for our Scholars. If you find any articles or tools that worked for you and would like to share with the rest of the cohort, send them to with “College Resources” in the subject line. Let us know how much time you spent researching and we’ll be sure to log them as a part of your Ed Fund hours. Some topic examples are listed below:

  • Volunteering in college
  • Study strategies, tips, and advice
  • Scholarship opportunities for current college students
  • Time management

Student Success Stories: Ed Fund Scholar Blog: Read about the experiences from past and present Ed Fund Scholars.


Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver Application (for Scholars at Community Colleges)
How to Take a Screen Shot