Scully Renewable Scholarship Contract

The Ed Fund looks forward to continuing to support you throughout college. As a reminder, the Irene S. Scully Foundation will provide you with $4,500 for the academic year (up to 4 years) if you maintain the scholarship contract below. Please read the contract and electronically sign to acknowledge your requirements and receive your scholarship.

As an Irene S. Scully Scholarship recipient I will:
• Respond to all communication from the Ed Fund within two days of its receipt.
• Complete 20 hours of college campus involvement during the upcoming school year. Campus involvement may include community service, tutoring, participation in campus clubs or other activities that connect you to your college community.
• Perform 5 hours of community service with the Ed Fund.
• Write about my college experience in Scholars’ Blog at least two times during each year (December and May/June).
• Submit an unofficial transcript to the Ed Fund at the end of each quarter or semester.
• Complete a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application every year that I am in school.
• Stay in touch with my college’s financial aid office to make sure I’m receiving additional aid to attend college.

Maintaining Eligibility
• You must maintain a gpa above 3.0
• Scholars who drop below the required gpa are required to complete an academic success plan and to review the plan with Ed Fund staff.
• Scholars are required to be enrolled full-time in order to receive scholarship funds.
• Scholars must communicate to Ed Fund staff if they are in danger of falling short of the eligibility requirements.
• If you do not maintain the requirements of the scholarship, the financial aid office at your college will return your scholarship check to the Ed Fund.

• Ed Fund scholarship funds can only be used at not-for-profit 4-year colleges or universities.
• The yearly scholarship will be paid in either 2 or 3 installments depending on your college’s academic year (semester or quarter).
• Your college’s financial aid office will receive your first scholarship check of the year in August.

Leave of Absence
• The Ed Fund understands that in some situations, students may need to take a leave of absence from their 4-year college or university. If you find yourself in this position, you must notify the Ed Fund prior to your decision to withdraw from your college or university.
• Scholarship funds can be put on hold for up to 2 years.
• You must continue to communicate with the Ed Fund during your leave of absence in order to keep your scholarship active.

I have read the above requirements and agree to all the terms and conditions listed above.