College Experiences

It’s August, and I have twelve days before classes commence. Some recent high school graduates might be anxious, thinking this is their last summer as a kid before college starts. I’m anxious because this is my last summer before the “real world” begins, and I have twelve days left to make the most of it. Thinking about time in this manner really makes me grateful for the experiences I’ve had in college and hopeful that this next year will be even greater than the years before.

This past year at USC, I really got to focus on my film production major and take classes that nurtured my creativity and developed my directing skills. The spring semester was crazy because I produced a thesis film – which took up so much of my life, but really prepared me for the responsibility and work-ethic that go into making a film. The challenge of producing led me to the opportunity to apply to direct a thesis film – which has been a hope of mine since I began at USC. After weeks of nervously preparing for the interview with the faculty – I am happy to say that my team was selected and I will be directing a twelve-minute thesis this upcoming semester! This summer I interned in the Physical Production department at Focus Features, which gave me a greater understanding of how the film industry operates, which I can apply when I direct this fall. I feel that all of my hard work has paid off and now I am ready to undergo the toughest task I will have in college – and it brings me closer to my dream of being a filmmaker.

I really want to thank the Ed Fund for contributing to my college experience by taking the weight off of tuition so that I may focus on my schoolwork. For as much as I have accomplished in college, there is still much that I want to do. Along with taking film classes this semester, I have also decided to take two electives that have always interested me: piano and sailing. To all you students who are about to enter your first year of college, truly make the most of it. Be open to new ideas and welcome the chance to work on projects that you can be passionate about. College goes by so fast, and you really don’t want to regret passing opportunities. My best of luck to you as you prepare for that first year – enjoy challenging yourself and have fun.

– Kelly, USC ’12