Adjusting to SFSU

It still has not hit me that I am in college now. I feel like I’m at a bigger high school in a way. Getting use to the campus was not an issue due the fact that I spent two weeks of my summer there for an engineering program. I’m glad that I attended SFSU instead of UC Davis because living at home is a lifesaver; I get to eat and live for free. Who wouldn’t want that?! Besides, after eating the campus food for two weeks, I knew I would not be able to tolerate living there for a semester. I began majoring in mechanical engineering but after questioning my interest I figured that electrical engineering was the best choice for me.

I am beginning to travel down a new path and leave my past behind. Some of my friendships have ended without me even realizing it because everyone, including myself is going their separate way in life. I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed with the number of classes I have to take. For times like this I would turn to my friends and it is very difficult to do so in a letter.

All my classes are simple except engineering graphics in which I don’t even need anymore. AutoCAD is brutal but I’m getting the hang of it. Other than that everything else concerning my classes is fine. I have decided to take summer classes at the local junior college so I won’t be a semester behind in science. The late night homework sessions are extremely stressful. Caffeine has become my best friend.

– Ashley, SFSU ’15