First Semester at SF State

My transition to college has not been as hard as for many other college freshmen. I believe that my transition to college has not been that hard because during the summer I attend to a program called the Engineering Institute in San Francisco State University. I met many students currently enrolled in San Francisco State, I kept in touch with them through out the rest of the summer and when I started school, they were there to help me for any question I had. Academically I feel that Calculus is a really difficult subject although I am struggling, I am going to tutoring sections so I can understand all the concepts. I believe that engineering is one of the hardest careers in college because a lot of math and science is require, but I feel confidant that I will do an okay job. I joined SHPE an organization for engineers and they provided a lot of help for students. I also joined MESA and they tutor me and help me find connections to other organizations within the campus.

College is a totally different world and I think that time management is one of the challenges I am facing because there are a million of things that I want to do, but I can’t. I also met a lot of people in San Francisco State, they have been helping in certain thins that I don’t understand. Another challenge that I am facing is the comminuting all the way from Richmond to Daly City. It takes a while to get to the University, but it also provides me time to do my readings and do homework. I feel confident that I will surpass all this challenges in my new college life.

– Jose, SFSU ’15