First Year at Santa Cruz

My transition to college was pretty difficult. It almost seemed or it still seems like I am the only one struggling with how the college system works, the way we sign up for classes and the flexible schedule but I know I’m not the only one. Being the only daughter in my family to strive for higher education while the rest of my siblings are working just so we can stay as a family financially stable is very difficult especially when you know that you are miles and miles away from them and there is nothing you can do for them. The reason why I chose to go to college was because of my family, because I want to help them and get a career so they do not have to worry about financial needs anymore. I always remind myself why I wanted to be in college and it makes me so much stronger knowing I will be helping my family in the long run.

This summer I prepared to move out. When I was younger, I always wanted to move away for college and that was the only thing I can think of. Until the summer before college started, was when it actually hit me that I won’t be at home to help with anything besides doing well in school for them. Leaving my parents, my first niece and my grandpa who is really sick is what saddened me the most. Spending time with my family as much as I can before leaving to college is what I did over the summer. Although I am closer to home than the rest of my peers and floor mates, no one will ever understand my difficulty of leaving home.

This quarter at Santa Cruz, I am looking forward to getting closer to my Resident Assistant and my floor mates. I am hoping that I will be able to balance school especially when you have to study double the amount alone with my fellowship, family and clubs. I hope I can maintain the work load and be able do and finish my work in time and not last time. I hope I can get used to being independent.

– Stacy, UC Santa Cruz ’15