Looking Forward to SJSU

During the summer to prepare for college, I attended my orientation which is where I had the opportunity to register for my classes, familiarize myself with San Jose State and my freshmen class. Before the summer orientation, I was nervous and excited about starting college in the fall. During my orientation, I had the opportunity to meet the faculty, staff, upperclassmen, freshmen and experienced a tour of the whole campus. I gained knowledge about the wonderful services that the school’s programs provide such as EOP. EOP provides tutoring services, advising, volunteer opportunities, and many more.

After attending orientation, I felt more than prepared to begin my college education at San Jose State and also motivated to get involved with the campus community. This semester I am looking forward to meeting new people and create lifelong friendships. I’d like to make friends who will support me not only in college, but in my life following graduation.

I am looking forward to pushing myself to earn the best grades possible because in high school I settled for only passing my classes. I now have a second chance to earn excellent grades in school. I am looking forward to getting actively involved with my school, and I’m debating whether or not I should join a fraternity. I definitely want to volunteer as much as I can with student organizations. From orientation, I was told that EOP provides countless volunteering opportunities for its students so I’m definitely going to look into that more as the semester progresses.

– Edgar, SJSU ’15