Moving to Los Angeles

My name is Michelle, and I’m from Richmond, CA. I recently began my first year at UCLA. Although I haven’t yet declared a major, I find a strong interest in the social sciences, particularly political science. Although this past summer was the longest I’ve ever experienced, time seemed to go by quickly as I stayed busy spending time with family and friends, working and preparing for college. Preparing to move hundreds of miles away, I wanted to make sure to secure my familial and social relationships and have much fun as I possibly could before entering college. During the days I would work at the local swimming pool as a lifeguard and swim instructor in order to save money for school, and at night I made sure to have family dinner. I also spent a lot of my summer making lists: lists of things I needed to purchase or pack, books to read, forms to fill out for UCLA and scholarships, etc. Getting into school was the easy part, being ready was a lot more difficult.

– Michelle, UCLA ’15