New Beginnings at Sonoma State

During my high school carrier, I felt as every year got harder, I got wiser. I believe the same will be true in college. I’m also happy to say that my decision to attend Sonoma State is working out well. Some of my biggest fears about coming to college were being away form my family and friends, not being able to cope with course workload and lastly, not being able to get involved and reach out to others.

Even though it has been difficult being away from my family they have managed to come visit a couple of times and I have gone home occasionally. I have also felt pressured from my classes, but I have dealt with those by visiting my school’s writing and math tutoring centers. My friends and I are spending at least four hours a day in the library to get our homework done. In the beginning of the semester I felt as if getting involved was going to be easy, however once I began to look around at the clubs I found it a bit challenging. Here at Sonoma State there are over a hundred clubs and organizations to choose from, yet due to my homework and schedule conflicts I’ve only been able to join 3. I am part of QSA (Queer Straight Alliance), MOSAIC (Making Our Space An Inclusive Community) and TRUST (Teaching Responsibility Utilizing Sociological Training), an organization run by prisoners in San Quentin trying to make the best out of themselves. I also plan on enrolling in a dance class next semester.

Ultimately, college has been a great experience so far. I’m very happy to say that I have also been nominated to be a leader for the student body next year.

– Yadira, Sonoma State ’15