Preparing for College

This summer I was given the opportunity to travel. Not only was I able to go to Mexico to to visit my father, but I was also given the opportunity to participated in a pre-college program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The purpose of the program is to prepare students coming in from low-income families for the college environment. It was an intense Psychology course that prepared me mentally and physically for this quarter. I had an idea of study techniques I could use and the pressure I would face entering this Fall. I was excited to start my first quarter I am still not sure what to expect.

During the time I was in Cal Poly I met new people in different fields of study and connections with people who can help later on in my career here at Cal Poly. I discoverer resources that I could use to guide me my first quarter in order to stay on track;such as: free tutoring, counseling, academic advisers, and so forth. As preparing me, the course challenged me with a heavy work load of material that was completely new to me. I learned through trial and error of the best setting and study habits worked for me. The course was at a much higher grade-level than I was accustomed to, however I was aware that I would face this problem soon I did what I could to understand and taught myself most of the material.

In addition to adapting to a different environment and habits I was able to open up more. Thus enabling to network and interact with my fellow peers, as well as my professor. I learned how to become less afraid because of my professor’s ability to motivate me through his lectures. I was able to prepare for the college routine I would soon face. However I am really excited for this quarter because I will begin to take introductory architecture classes, I will meet new people with common interest and I will finally be able to receive a proper education.

– Beatriz, Cal Poly ’15