Settling in at Contra Costa College

My transition to Contra Costa College was not what I was expecting. I never thought that the classes were that hard in a community college. It’s was probably because I am currently taking classes I never had during my high school years, classes I thought that I never would have needed in the future. One of them is chemistry the other is philosophy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enroll in my philosophy class because it was too full.

I have had a hard time adjusting to college. For example, I didn’t knew I had to sign up for classes online myself. I thought a counselor would do it for me after I saw them. I had my entire schedule planned out but because I didn’t sign up for classes on time I didn’t get into many of them. However, I am doing well in the class that I am taking. I am not taking the classes that I wanted at first but at least I am doing something that will help me transfer to a four-year university in the future.

Over the summer I unfortunately couldn’t do much to prepare myself to college. I had to work full-time to pay for my living expenses. The most that I probably did over the summer was to take a tour of the campus to make sure I knew where every building was. It wasn’t much, but at least it helped me get to know the school a bit better.

I am looking forward to do my best in my chemistry class this semester, not because I just want to pass, but to learn and understand the concepts taught in class. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and to registering for spring classes on time.

– Hector, Contra Costa College ’13