First Semester Reflections

My first semester in college was exciting yet challenging. I had to get used to a new environment starting by living on my own. This gave me a sense of independence, but at first it was hard to get use to. When I first moved in to my dorm, I was a bit scared because I knew that I was going to be on my own, and my parents where no longer going to be there with me. It took me a while to get use to it but I got through it. Although it was hard to get use to living on my own, I really liked the sense of independence and the feeling of doing things on my own. I really liked all my classes, although I did have two remedial classes, they helped be strengthen my writing and math skills. Throughout my first semester I was taking a child development class which required a service learning project. I decided to get involved in the Child Development Center in San Jose State and this experience was great.

Next semester I will give myself more time. Ever since I started college, time seems to go by extremely fast and I need more of it. I will learn how to manage my time more wisely and dedicate each minute to my academics. Socially, I will make more effort to make more friendships. I went in to college already knowing a couple of people, but for next semester I would like to expand my friendships. If I had the chance to speak to myself back in August, I would tell myself that confidence is everything. When I first started, my confidence wasn’t at the level I wanted it to be, but then I took a public speaking class and this helped me build my confidence. Now my confidence is where I want it to be and I know that as I continue my college years it will continue to increase.

– Alejandra, San Jose State ’15