Reflections on the First Semester

I like being in a new environment and seeing different faces every day. I enjoy meeting new people from different parts of the United States as well as different countries with so many different cultural backgrounds, religions, beliefs and opinions. I like the fact that I get to choose my own classes according to my interest. I also admire how SFSU has a small campus; it allows me to get to class on time without being out of breath.

Many people are going through the same changes, making it easy to relate to others. I love the more rigorous academics. I enjoyed having classes on a subject surrounded by people who were really interested and wanted to be there. And there are so many opportunities on college campuses. There is the Greek system, clubs, and groups, all of people gathering with common interests. So far, I have joined “SHPE” Society of Hispanic Engineers and MEP also known as MESA. I love how one of my professors, who I met ahead of time during the Summer Engineering Institute at SFSU has been mentoring me as well as introducing me to new opportunities. The one thing I love most about college is being able to live at home for free because I have peace and quiet when it is time to study and I do not have to worry about my dorm room getting broken into.

So far I would not change the route that I have chosen to be successful academically and socially because I have managed to make friends outside and inside of class and I continued to be punctual and focused just like how I was in high school. I was afraid that I would not do very well because of the rumors that all the freshmen were failing but I maintained above a 3.5 and I will continue to do so. One thing I will change is to try to get as much sleep as possible. I had too many sleepless nights; sometimes I would only get 4 hours of sleep. Hopefully next semester, I will be able to get a decent amount of shut-eye.

A bit of advice I would give to myself back in August and all new freshmen is, “Be cool, it’s going to be alright.” My stress level was sky-high because I was over-thinking everything. I was pushing myself to obtain passing grades, turn in all my assignments on time, and to stay awake in class. Stressing is not the solution. It did not help me at all; it only made matters worse. Next semester, I am trying to have at least one day out the week when I do not have class. Going everyday was about 50 bucks a week and exhausting!

– Ashley, SFSU ’15