What I’ve Learned After One Quarter at Cal Poly

Finishing first quarter of college was quite an eye-opener and difficult but it was also very exciting. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, being a small university, makes it very easy for me to move from one destination to the other. For example, I can stay up late at night doing my homework at the library. My dorm is quite close to the library, which makes it very convenient. I also enjoy the environment very much. It is usually quite sunny. This makes it very fun to study outside closed walls. However, I do believe that there is a great support system in the campus. First of all, I am a participant of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Whenever, I have difficulties or questions regarding academics or the campus, I consult my EOP counselor. It is also very easy to communicate with the student body and the instructors. I really liked Cal Poly’s rule of mandatory office hours by the instructors.

There are many things that I will do differently next quarter to succeed academically and socially. One of the most important factors to succeed in college is time management. Next quarter, I will manage my time better by using a planner. I will also try to gain at least eight hours of sleep per night because if I do not gain enough sleep, it will very difficult to function efficiently. This means that on the weekdays, I will go to bed at 11 pm. I also plan to exercise at least forty five minutes every day. Consuming the junk food and not exercising has made me quite unhealthy. I plan on eating healthy food like fresh vegetables and avoiding junk food, like soda and french-fries. I will train my mind to work on avoiding distractions as well.

If I had the chance to speak to myself back in August 2011, then I will emphasize the importance of time management, getting enough sleep, and getting enough exercise.

– Utsav, Cal Poly ’15