What I Like About Santa Cruz

I liked the community UC Santa Cruz has. It’s not just one big campus; it’s split into lots of colleges. For example, I had a lecture with my whole college and it’s pretty cool doing homework with your building and going to class with your new friends. I loved how it was really hot the first month of the quarter, there was a beach near by and trees for shade. I liked how my writing teacher gave me a whole page of what she wanted specifically from her students because I thought professors were going to be hard on us. I also like how there are academic advisors at every college who are going to be there for you until you graduate.

I would not do anything differently if I had to do my first quarter again because I took advantage of everything available to me. I attended a lot of tutoring sessions to get the grades I needed. Especially when it came to 3 hours review sessions before midterms and finals, I turned down plans with friends to make sure I had everything reviewed and covered. All the time I put into going to tutoring and review sessions paid off because I got more than I expected from my grades. I’m very proud of myself.

I met my myspace friend in my writing class. Her name is Stephanie, and I believe it is fate that we ended up in the same university, college and class. Because of her, I met her roommate. I’ve met 3 awesome trustworthy girls that I believe will be by my side until the day I graduate.

If I could give myself advice, I would say to not go home as often. Next quarter, I am planning to only go home 2-3 times a quarter or less. During Fall 2011 quarter I went home almost every other weekend and for a moment, it was every weekend due to a death in my family. Although I should be there for my family, I want to focus on my studies. I also want to stay in Santa Cruz more because it is such a hassle to transfer to 3 different buses then BART home. Although it is cheaper than driving, the cost adds up. So staying in Santa Cruz will help me focus more and save a lot of money. I am attending every event my college put for the students to make sure I am enjoying every moment of my first year. So with that, I already feel successful and I am also very joyful with my experience.

– Stacy, UC Santa Cruz ’15