Lessons Learned from the First Semester

My first semester in San Francisco State was intense and a life-changing experience. Because of it, I have a different view about college and life. This semester I faced adversity, but I never gave up because I knew that if I did, I would not make it through college. Calculus was a challenging subject; there was a point where I thought that I could not get trough it and frustration was in every corner.

What I like about San Francisco State is the diversity; I met a lot of people from different backgrounds. A lot of students face the same struggles as me, such as finding financial aid and having to commute to San Francisco. I am glad that I made a lot of friends because at the end of the semester they helped to understand some of the material in my classes and thanks to them I did well in my classes.

If I could go back to last summer I would advice myself to not procrastinate because most of the time on this past semester I used to do my homework at the last minute and there were cases that I could not turn in my homework because it was too late to turn them in. By the end of the semester I had learned to do my homework well in advance of the deadline. People learn from their mistakes and believe me, I have learned a lot. This upcoming semester I will try my best and redeem myself from what I did and did not do last semester.

– Jose, SFSU ’15