A New Beginning of my life at Sonoma State

My first week in Sonoma State University was really good but at the same time I felt that I didn’t belong to the school because it is totally different from high school. Sonoma State is enormous compared to my high school, and I got lost the first week of school. The good thing was that I arrived on time to all my classes. In my first week of school I had trouble doing my homework because the homework is harder than in high school. I wasn’t really informed about all the resources that our university offered us. This was a problem to me because the first week was hard, and I was also dealing with personal problems. 
However, being in Sonoma State was one of my best decisions that I ever had made in my life because I am the first of my family that comes from another country and made a big transition. I came without a good vocabulary to college but I feel that all my classes are making a change in my life and that every single day I learn more in each class. Some of my biggest fears about coming to college were being away from my family and friends and not being able to accomplish the expectative of my teachers due to my limited English. I am dealing with this by visiting writing center and getting help with my assignments. 

My first impression of Sonoma State is that all the students get united to work on groups so everyone will have more opportunities to understand topics that are given in class. It is completely different for what I was thinking of college. In college our classmates have an important role in our carrier because they are our resources to learn.  I was thinking that college will be easy and just had to go to the classes and do homework without having someone else by my side. Which is not what happen in college, here is where we as students we have to help each other, and if we don’t understand we have to go to the professor. 

Now that I’m here I want to work hard and finish my career. I’m looking forward to graduate, and I know that obstacles will come to my life but there will be people that are willing to help me. Being in college so far is a great experience. I believe that everything is possible if I keep my goals in my mind and working hard for them.

-Rocio, Sonoma State ’16