College Experience: First Few Weeks

My first few weeks of school were amazing; it was nothing like high school. I met a lot of people. They even had events where we can interact with other students. I did not realize how independent you are supposed to be until I actually started school. It’s like you really have to do things on your own, especially if you are not close to home. The good part about college is that you do not have to ask permission to go out and do things, you can just do it. The bad part about being on your own is that you actually have to cook for yourself and you don’t have people to remind you to do your homework. College is what turns you into an adult. You have to be independent or you will fall behind, like you have to talk to teachers on your own, they will not come and talk to you. 

I expected college to be a lot harder than what it is. All you have to do is stay on top of your work and do not party every weekend unless you did all your work first. Even though college may seem all fun and what not, you have to stay on top of your work or you can get kicked out. I think it will get a lot harder but if it gets too hard, I will go to tutoring and ask the teachers for help because I plan on being a successful young man and I do not think that is possible without a college education. 

The thing I like the most about Sac State is that everyone who I met that lived in the dorms is so friendly. If you walk past their room and the door is open, they will most likely call you back and invite you in so you can get to know them if you don’t already. I love college; it is way more exciting than high school. I learned that hard work pays off which means sometimes you might have to sacrifice going out to stay in and study.

-Jamarrio, Sacramento State ’16