East Coast: Part I

The first few weeks of college have been an interesting experience. Moving out of the Bay Area into what can be considered a new world completely. The thing that struck me was the weather. It is completely different from the bay. The weather has fluctuated from extremely hot, to rainy, hot, and humid, to clear and humid, to cold, to ice cold. 

Life at college is also not what I expected. I expected every day, all day, every class, all week, to be extremely difficult and strenuous. I have found that if you try to use your time wisely it can be a lot less difficult than most try to describe it. The classes I’m taking seem short enough to not drain me to the point I can no longer work, but I also try to find a balance to unwind with friends so that I can cope with the missing blocks in my schedule and be refreshed to keep working on. I’ve been introduced to a vast array of people through the different groups, clubs, and associations I have joined. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to make friends or meet people with similar minds to me, but I have found that many of the people in college have many different views but can all agree that work must be done and fun must be had, so that everyone can get their money’s worth, because, in essence, we’re all paying for it and if we skip or miss out on events then we are only cheating ourselves. 

After becoming so enveloped in the college experience I am looking forward to being able to improve my experience by getting all the paperwork that the school lost in and finalized, because, let’s be serious, there is always more paperwork that everyone has missed or was misinformed about. Once, my paperwork and finances are fixed then I can see myself being able to enjoy myself more, as I would no longer worry about this form or that form. 

Midterms are coming up as well; I look forward to being able to face this monument and continuing it through hard work and focus.

-Greg, La Salle University ’16