First Few Weeks at Linfield

My first few weeks at Linfield College have been some of the most intense, yet rewarding weeks I have ever experienced. Being on a college campus is so different than living at home and going to school, especially in a different state. I am constantly surrounded by peers and friends and we are always together. It is strange to so rarely find myself completely alone. Sharing a room has been quite an experience. It is a lot of fun, because I am very close with my roommate, and we are always together, but at the same time, I am starting to wish we had some more time alone.

 There is so much to do around campus. I knew I was going to be involved with softball, but I soon found myself interested in Greek Life as well. It is great way to get involved in community service and to get involved in activities on campus. Like most aspects of college, Linfield Greek Life is very different from what I thought it would be, based on my perception of college. The girls are never catty, and always friendly. Everyone gets along and supports each other, even when they’re in different sororities.

The hardest aspect of college is time management. Being involved in different things is hard because everything is so time consuming. Plus, I have 16 credits that I am taking so it is difficult to find time for studying. Usually I do it after practice, when I am tired and want to sleep. However, so far I feel I am doing well in my classes. The subjects are interesting and I am learning about things I never even cared to think about.  The hardest aspect of class is the reading. Professors assign so much of it and it is so time consuming. Another difficult aspect is trying to write papers. For me, all my classes are in completely different disciplines. So my anthropology teacher wants her essay written completely differently than my history professor wants it done. Plus, the expectations are much higher in college. It’s an adjustment that simply needs to be made.

I do not really have anything that I would say I am really excited for in the future, except softball season. Every week I have some sort of event or activity that acts as something to look forward to. That is the nice thing about being so involved; there is never a dull moment.  I am excited to continue to grow and learn, and become a well-rounded person!

-Kristen, Linfield ’16