First Weeks of College

My first week at UC Santa Cruz was challenging in adjusting to the routine of college. The work load changes in college and you need to be able to prioritize what you want to see completed. It’s very easy to think that by not fixing small problems before they become bigger, things will get better on their own. By procrastinating, the situation becomes worse before it becomes better.  You are also exposed to a lot of campus resources the first weeks of college, and finding your interests seems difficult with so much going on. College campuses want their students to be engaged in their communities so there are always good opportunities to get plunged in to something you enjoy.  Exposure to many resources along with meeting a lot of people your first weeks of school happens really fast and before you know it you have already completed your first week of college. 

I didn’t know what to expect from college life, but so far it has been an awesome experience. Every situation is new for first generation students, so any type of expectation isn’t real, because no one before you has attended and graduated from college. The cool thing about the transition to college is that there is an abundance of support offered. I always wanted to go to college, and receiving support from family and friends has really made it easier for me. College is also a time in your life to celebrate all your accomplishments so be proud of your journey to college and make the most of the time you have in school.  After finally taking my first leap into college I hope to continue learning about topics that interest me. I look forward to continue meeting new people and look forward to exploring new careers for my future.

-Alejandro, UC Santa Cruz