My Home Away from Home

The idea of college became frightening once I realized that I would be leaving home and becoming my own person. My first weeks of college were difficult because I felt homesick and I didn’t feel that I was a part of something at my school. My roommates eased the pain of being so far from home by creating a warm environment. Luckily, we clicked right away. After the first night on campus we realized we had a lot in common. Now, we do everything together. After a couple weeks I discovered an organization here at UC Santa Barbara that helps empower Latinas on campus called Hermanas Unidas. After attending many meetings and social gatherings hosted by the women in Hermanas I finally felt a part of something here on campus. 

My first impression of college was “freedom”. I thought I would be able to do anything I felt I could do.  After my classes began I realized I did have the freedom, just not the time.  My schedule became so overwhelming that any little time I did have for myself, I slept. At times I felt that I couldn’t do anything but once I began to apply myself and did much time management, school became easier. 

I have become very comfortable in my new home over the last month. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future. I look forward to choosing a major by next year. In fact, I am currently interested in Sociology and considering making it my major.  After doing much research, I have decided that I want to study abroad. During a meeting with my counselor, the subject of studying abroad was brought up and I became very interested. I hope to say sometime soon that I will be studying abroad in Spain. Aside from my academics, I look forward to joining Hermanas Unidas and connecting with many other Latinas around campus.  So far I have grown many friendships and I feel anxious to meet more people. In short, college may come with obstacles but the struggle will never outweigh the experience.

-Scarlett, UCSB ’16