The Secret of College

As I commuted to Cal State East Bay Hayward on the 26th of September, I was nervous and scared, I didn’t know anyone. As I went to my first class that started in the afternoon, I was really shocked of how many people were in the class (less than 30 people). The professors are really nice, they expect everyone to take responsibility for their own work and they’re there to help you, not fail you. It took some time to get used to the facility and build courage to take advantage of the resources around the campus.

My first impression of college life was “WOW! I have to wake up this early three days a week?” I also thought that the college classes were really big with lectures and the teachers really didn’t care, but they really do, each and every one of my professors took the time to get to know each and every one of the students in the class. Also, I was expecting the classes to assign lots of homework, but they really help work around the situations you’re in and come across. For example, not having your book on time, they will postpone the work, they will help you, only if you ask for it. This semester I’m looking forward to learning a lot and working really hard to accomplish my goals by doing homework and taking my time on the work. I’ve made a couple of friends during my first week of school, but I am looking forward to meeting more new people as I go through this semester.

-Cathy, CSU East Bay ’16