UCLA: Week 3 done, 7 more to go!

Transitioning from a four month long summer into college was tough. But now that I’m out of the transitional phase, living 6 hours away from home isn’t as daunting as I imagined. I thought I would be homesick by the second week, but I was wrong. Week 4 is approaching and I can confidently say that I am comfortable here. Sure, I can’t see my cat, my boyfriend, or my family regularly, but I know the distance away from home will give my room for growth.

My first few weeks here were exciting! Although I felt like the environment was a little out of my element, it was exciting meeting so many people whose names I have already forgotten. There are so many people here that it is easy to fade into the background in a crowded room, but once you make a few friends it isn’t so bad anymore. 

The initial impression of college life didn’t differ too much from what I came in expecting. I knew that college was going to be a lot of hard work and I also knew that school would consume most of my time. In the first two weeks, I was prepared for whatever work that was thrown at me. Today, I feel like I am improving as a student all the time. However, I am developing bad habits. For example, yesterday I had one cup of coffee. Yes, I said it. One entire cup!! I don’t want to end up as a caffeine-addict by the end quarter 1, but I see the inevitable already coming. 

As quarter 1 progresses and the transitional phase comes to an end, I am most looking forward to becoming a better, more mature version of myself in college.

-Celesti, UCLA ’16