My First Year

My first year in college was a journey unlike any other. It was filled with many difficult moments, but also memories that will follow me for a lifetime. I met some amazing people and experienced a new part of me that I did not know existed. I learned that procrastinating is possibly the single worst thing any college student can do. It is the main reason why people fall behind and why so many students feel overwhelmed. I realized that in college, everything is left up to you. No one is there to push you to get things done, teachers will not give you extensions on assignments, and the school will not call home when you do not show up for class; it all depends on your own personal will. College is just a small taste of what the real world is once you leave home. My first year taught me that nothing gets easier once you graduate high school, but that the outcomes of your struggles are even greater than before. I learned to enjoy my life day by day, and to appreciate every little thing even more. This last year I learned that I am capable of achieving more than I originally thought. I pushed myself to limits I did not know I could reach, and still managed to come out on top and be successful. I learned that all limits are simply what you make them out to be. When it comes to my campus I learned that my school offers numerous amount of help for students, and that the setting of my campus is absolutely perfect. We are located in a major city and only moments away from the state capital, but also secluded enough so that the typically city life does not take a toll on student life. The close proximity to the city also allows for students to participate in internships in the city while living on campus as well. Over all I feel absolutely positive with my choice in school. The community that surrounds the campus is absolutely amazing and compliments the atmosphere of the college perfectly. The best advice I can give anyone is to pick a school based on your personality and your preference on proximity to a big city.