The End of my Freshman Year

One of the greatest things I learned at UC Davis was to seek help whenever I did not understand something. Looking back at Fall quarter, if I would have used all the academic resources that UC Davis offered, my grades would have been better. In my first year of college, I learned to take responsibility for my personal and academic life. It was very tough not having teachers and my parents there to guide every step of the way, but this helped me grow as a person and I become very independent. Independence is one of the greatest things I acquired through my first year of college. Moving out of my house and going to  college has made me  strong, independent and the dreamer I am today.

In the first year at Davis I had the opportunity to volunteer at an elementary school and help kids improve their math and science through the MAST program. It was pleasure to see how involved the parents were in their children’s academic growth.  I find it important that parents are involved in their children’s schools because it give the kids a positive reassurance that their parents care about their academics. The kids were very smart and college oriented, although they were just first and second graders. Many of the wanted to attend UC Davis and were fascinated when I told them I was attending their dream school. They would always ask me questions and I was more than glad to answer.

Attending UC Davis and being exposed to a different environment was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life,  since it has made me grow as a person. Although  my first quarter at Davis was tough and challenging it made me see life through a new perspective. I’m so lucky to have been admitted to Davis and take interesting educational courses which made experience things that I  will take with me for the rest of my life. I am proud to call myself a UC Davis Aggie. In my first year of college I’ve learned that  through hard work one can reach their dreams. Now I’m just waiting to build more experiences and get my bachelors degree  in sociology. With my degree and experience as a  first generation college student, I want to motivate others to attend college and to keep dreaming.

-Ana, UC Davis