First Year Down

I learned many things while completing my first year at UC Davis, some good and some not so good. My first year of college was quite different from others’ first year since I did not take on the experience of living on campus. Yet I got a great experience that I will never forget. I met wonderful loving people that became close friends. The greatest takeaway from my first year of college was learning that I should prioritize my education more than anything. There are things like parties, bad influences, and fun times, but you cannot let those things interfere with your goals. I learned that I have potential since I made it through my first year, but yet I have a lot more to learn and give. I learned that classes could be quite hard and will make you hit rock bottom but you cannot give up. I also learned study skills that allowed me to progress and do a lot better. I learned the hard way that I should not take many difficult classes all at once. Overall I learned how to be a college student and mix in with all the “smart” people.

I learned that my community at home and the community of my college are very different, if not opposites when juxtaposed. I did not see one act of violence or serious crime in the time being at UC Davis. I learned that the community of Davis is really nice and treat each other with respect, often times. On campus I received many smiles and happy greetings, this allowed me to be a happier person when I came back home. My first year of college was definitely tough, but it was nowhere near impossible. There are times when you feel like giving up, but overall the experience and the benefit received from working hard defeats that. I learned that your family is something that keeps you motivated and is a big incentive for you to keep working hard. I couldn’t have done it without my family’s support and the support coming from others. I was expected to fail in my first year of college, but that was not part of my plans whatsoever. Now I have to await a new year that is full of more improvements and new wonderful experiences.

-Eduardo, UC Davis, Class of 2016