First Year of College Completed

After completing my first year in college I can say I have learned a lot during my first year in college. I learned a lot by taking different courses that were interesting to me as well as how to manage my time. I was able to learn about my academic interests by taking classes that I thought were interesting and was able to learn about different subjects in my first year of college.  I think that the classes offered in college are great ways to explore career possibilities especially with the introduction classes offered during your first year of school.

College helps you learn new things about yourself as well. For example, you might learn the ideal study habits for yourself as a student. Everyone has different study habits that they prefer so that they can perform at their best. You might like to study in a group so you join a study group with some classmates in order to make the most out of your studying. Other students might prefer to work in the library because it offers them a quiet space where they can complete their studying without any distractions. For the most part, it depends on the student and their study habits that determine the preferred ways they study.

By attending college, you also get to learn about the community you live in. You get to explore your surrounding environment and learn about the different features your campus has to offer. For example I learned about my school’s mascot called banana slugs in Santa Cruz and how the best time to actually spot a banana slug is in the spring quarter. Going to college allows you not only to learn about your academics, but also about your community on campus as well as your surrounding environment.

-Alejandro, UC Santa Cruz, Class of 2016