My Experiences While In College

Summer bridge at SJSU helped me make a huge transition in my life. My transition from high school to college was unnoticeable, having spent 5-weeks before any other freshman on the campus made me feel like I already was a college student. When I entered the program, my mindset was changed. I no longer wanted to rely on my parents; I saw myself as an independent student. While in summer bridge, I learned great skills one of those being how to successfully study. The leaders from summer bridge would play what we thought were games, but were actually life lessons which I can reflect on now.

My first week of school exceeded my expectations. There were mobs of students walking through dorm hallways looking for people, someone to talk to, someone to make friends with. Throughout the week, events were hosted by the RA’s so students would be able to interact and socialize with others. During these events I had the opportunity to reunite with my high school friends as well as a majority of students which I met during summer bridge.The majority of my classes I believe to be “easy,” which is not what I expected from college. My day on average consists of 3 classes which are easier than anticipated so it leaves plenty of free time . Unlike high school, you no longer have someone asking you to finish the given work. Self motivation is what helps the student complete the assignments. I have quickly picked up the skill of time management since I have found it to be much use to me. Time management plays a vital role in my day since it enables me to manage my classes, study, go to work, participate in events, and be active in programs efficiently.

One valuable piece of advice I have been given is, “Education comes before friends, relationships, and any other type of distractions, because all those things will always be there unlike your education.”