The Beginnings

School’s been going great. I know that statement may seem effortless, but it is the truth. I have enjoyed being a full-time college student more than I believed I would. It was just about a year ago that I decided I would attend a university and not stay another year at Contra Costa College — well, maybe more than a year ago, but it was around then that my decision was finalized.
I had decided to attend a university no matter what in the summer of my junior year at Middle College High School. I thought I had the GPA and the SAT scores to get into the university I desired. I was wrong. I was admitted to a few, but not the ones I wanted. I was about ready to choose one of the universities I did not want to go to, but I instead decided to spend some time at CCC until I can get into a better university. I believe this was the best decision.
CCC is a lot better than what I imagined it to be. They give much help with applying to scholarships, have many workshops to help apply to schools and it’s cheap too — almost free in comparison to universities.

Academically, everything is coming along nicely. I’m taking second semester general physics, first semester general chemistry and political science. Physics is not as difficult as what first semester was, but I’m sure it’ll get much harder. Chemistry and Poli-Sci are very easy classes, so I’m wondering why I did not take a fourth. At least I did not overwhelm myself.

I have joined the Engineering and Math Club at school and I have really been enjoying it. We decided that we would make a go cart for our semester-long project and we have so far made paper airplanes (which, despite what it sounds like, was fun) and played with liquid nitrogen. With the liquid nitrogen, we made ice cream and a levetron. Another campus program I joined is the Center for Science Excellence. In that, we are supposed to spend 9 hours a week on studying, meeting with a mentor, tutoring and in club activities — all on campus. It takes up a lot of time, but it comes with a lot of benefits and we get a $312 stipend at the end of every month! That’s really exciting. I’m still waiting on my first stipend since I just joined last week.