The Wonders of College

The transition from high school to college is an exciting experience. Enrolling into a community college is empowering—I feel like I am taking control of my life. I thank the Ed Fund and its donors for the wonderful scholarship I have received. So far I’ve used the money to pay for books and a few school supplies. It was such a relief to know that I had money to pay for my textbooks.
There are many new things you will experience while in college, such as the freedom one has to select her classes. One, you may take courses that you have a personal interest in, two, you can take General Education courses (such as English ,math, and history),and three you can take strictly major courses; four, you can take a combination of all three. Students have the option to select the days and times that they attend classes (one may have to work or participate in extracurricular activities she may need to schedule around.) In essence, college represents freedom of choice.

All of the new responsibilities first-year students encounter causes us to mature. In order to succeed in classes you should find a compatible tutor (by compatible, I mean a tutor that understands your learning style.) I knew college was going to be a challenge, but the work is not really difficult. The challenging aspect is TIME MANAGEMENT. Let’s face it, one doesn’t spend all of her time studying. We have other things in our lives that we need to accomplish. We have to create a BALANCE. I am currently learning how to balance and manage things in my life: me time, social activities, relaxation, and homework. In order to balance things I set aside certain days to study for specific classes, and certain days to relax. I am going to see how this method works. My next issue is to discover my prospective career. I am unsure about my future occupation; my next step may be career counseling.