Proud to be an Aggie

Choosing what college to attend was very hard for me. I had gotten accepted to many colleges, but I wanted something close to home. My plans were to live at home and stay close, so that my family and I can always have each other. Unfortunately during the last months of my senior year I took an unexpected decision. I decided to attend UC Davis and live on campus. I was not too sure of the decision I was making, but I wanted a new experience for myself. Now that I have been attending UC Davis for three weeks, I am the happiest college student ever.

UC Davis is not only the friendliest campus ever, but it’s also a school full of people that care. Staff members at UC Davis care about your academics, your health, and your personal life. They are always making sure that the students are doing their best in all ways possible. UC Davis is full of great things to do and great clubs to be involved in. I consider being here in UC Davis as a privilege because I feel happy and yet I am still getting a great education. An education that I know will one day pay off and give me an advantage in society. For all those upcoming freshmen, I really encourage them to apply to UC Davis. I am positively sure they will be very happy to become Aggies. I was once a proud eagle from Kennedy High School and now I am a very proud Aggie from UC Davis.