It’s almost the end of my first semester here at Cal, and It’s never been a day I hadn’t reflected on everything around me. I feel so blessed to be at such a fine institution of learning, to be a part of such a diverse student body, and to be in such intellectually engaging classes with students that are just as passionate about learning as I am. Even walking around campus just makes me smile sometimes, and I feel so blessed here as a Berkeley student. So far, I love all my classes, but if I were to have to choose which class I have enjoyed the most this term, I would probably say Psychology. This says a lot since it is an 8AM class, but it is definitely what I look forward to waking up to in the mornings.

During my last midterm for that class, I realized I was actually enjoying studying for that class like it’s a hobby: I LOVED IT! Every chapter I read, every note I took, every video I watched and essay I wrote, I truly loved every second of it! As some of my friends in high school are applying for colleges, I would like to remind them to challenge themselves, always keep their dreams up high, and pursue whatever they desire because it WILL happen. I wish all seniors all the best in their application process!