The College Student

Well, I must say that getting here was definitely no easy task. I had to go through many challenges just to get to my school, but now I’m here and I feel great! You really start to feel like a college student when you meet your roommate and get to see the place you’ll both be staying at for the first time. The first week of college for me was crazy! It was all about meeting and greeting all the students that went there, getting acquainted with the teachers and other faculty members, and don’t forget student gatherings.

It was all great, then the real work began and I thought that I was going to fall behind because everyone is so much more ahead of me. (I go to film school) But so far I’m doing great in my classes.

The only thing that’s really hard is when you have to do things on your own, then the struggle begins. You really need to manage all your money well because one day you may really need something and then you check your balance on your account or your wallet and you don’t have the money. So please budget because it will save you. Also don’t spend your money on going out to eat. It’s fun I know because your meeting people and they want to get together and you don’t feel like cooking, but don’t do it and if you do do it well don’t do it often,

I’d say cooking your own food will definitely save you a lot more money.
Another thing is to make sure everything is straight in the financial office, I know I had some difficulty with that and waited to long to get it fixed so be on top of things.

But overall it’s been great here, I am having a blast and I’m learning new things about myself and other people and how to work with all types of people. it’s hard to adjust sometimes especially if you not used to being away from home, but once you busy yourself in all the work you have to do and all the people your meeting and hanging out with you’ll start to feel better and before you know it your back home for break.

Well I can’t wait to really start getting into more stuff, this is just the beginning.