The New Chapter

The next chapter of my educational life, college; this is the moment I’ve been waiting for since I was eight years old. To have made it to this stage is such an exceptional exciting feeling to take all in. The day I walked the stage of my high school graduation was to me a level completion, after receiving my diploma I looked at myself and said “okay Will you did it, you got through the K – 12 school system; now let’s knock out college in four years and start your real life.” Here I am at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, not too far away from home; but far enough to take care of my own business learning the system of adulthood. To see my mother’s face with all types of emotions, being proud of her third and last child being the first to go to college, sad about being without her Baby-boy after all 18 years, and the face of acceptance that her little boy is now turned into this young man going off to further his education and prepare for a successful life ahead.

Now moving into my dorm room, one of the most exciting aspects of college life. It was an easy process getting everything together, in about an hour time frame I had my room set and feeling like home which it did. Along with the dorm life of college came making new friends, which I did instantly just by being myself, seem like I didn’t have to do anything everybody came to me. For the next couples of days were really just getting to know my new home; the Campus. My campus was pretty to get a handle on, for the fact that it’s a small school. I knew where all my classes, the gym, student success centers were, and etc. So pertaining to whether my exceptions of the college dorm life were right, I can yes they were based on the school I knew I would be attending.

The first day of college was absolutely great, just by you create your own schedule, so my class flow was easy. I like all my classes and professors, now the professors at this school are amazing, just because they care about how you do in school. Since this campus has a small population the class ratio from student to teacher is maximum 15:1, so the connection with the teacher is very strong. Not like a UC school where they have like 100 students in a class and the teacher doesn’t even notice if a student missed class; on the other hand here at Holy Names the class is so small that the teacher will automatically notice that one his or her students are missing class and will ask you about your absences.

To sum up everything, I’m loving college it is truly the greatest experience a student could have in life. I want to thank the entire staff of the Ed Fund for funding my education and investing into my success.