Lessons Learned

My first year of college has been empowering and invigorating. As a college freshman I can say that the most important thing I learned in my fist year was to maintain diligence. As a student there were many times in which I did not feel like doing my assignments; I had to learn how to balance my school life with my personal life, which was a bit of a challenge. Luckily, I found a way to balance my school life with my personal life. With this, I successfully passed all of my classes and made it on the Deans’ List for the 2013 Fall Semester of Contra Costa College. Without diligence I would not have been able to pass my classes. In order to be diligent one has to have their mind set on accomplishing a particular goal. In my case, my goal was to do well in college. Because I set doing well in college as one of my goals I was determined to accomplish it—therefore I had diligence. The Merriam-Webster dictionary, defines diligence as “Steady, earnest and energetic effort”. Without having diligence I would have not accomplished my goal of doing well in college.
In the end, I am happy for what I have accomplished my first two semesters at Contra Costa College. Contra Costa College is an AMAZING institution with great teachers. Sadly while in high school, my decision to apply to Contra Costa College was looked down on by my peers as well as my teachers. I have no regrets in deciding to go to Contra Costa College. I highly recommend for both returning students and incoming freshmen to enroll at CCC. I recommend students to enroll in Contra Costa College because the staff and faculty of CCC are helpful as well as friendly, the classes are inexpensive, and most importantly one will learn how to navigate in a college environment. In conclusion, if one has a desire to do well in college–or do well in anything, just remember to have diligence while perusing your goal(s).