The Summer before College

As the beautiful summer days pass, I realize college is going to become a reality – as cliche as that must sound. College is spoken of in every household, dreamed of by every academic, supported by all parents and either anticipated or feared by the average student.

I, for one, can say that I was the student who anticipated college. I longed to be independent and free of high school. Though I was never wronged by high school, I simply felt that college would be much more exciting. As time passes, however, I am beginning to realize the weight college places on young adults.
When I began anticipating college I was fully aware that it would mean having to carry my own – but I never expected (nor experienced, for that matter) the stress of beating the crowd for a seat in a class, transcripts, and waivers.

Despite the stress, I am still excited to attend UC Berkeley. I’m proactive on their Facebook page and have even met several new friends who are not from the Bay Area. I am fluent in Hungarian and, to my amazement, I have even met a Hungarian athlete who is travelling from Hungary to attend UC Berkeley! I’m looking forward to showing them around Berkeley and the Bay Area as well.
I’m very glad I chose a school in the Bay Area because, even though I’ll be “away at college,” home is only a 20 minute drive. And, since I’ve grown up in the Bay Area, I definitely won’t be a lost freshman! I’m excited to meet new people from various parts of the world and learn about their culture.

Something that has been on my mind since I was accepted to UC Berkeley has been housing. When I was first accepted, I immediately decided that I would commute to college. However, with time I have begun to see the dilemma in this decision as traffic and parking is a notorious problem for all commuters. This fall I will experiment with commuting but I definitely would love to experience living in a dorm during my Spring semester.

In the mean time, I’ll enjoy this summer before college and blog after first semester has begun!

UC Berkeley, Class of 2018