My College Experience

It’s only been my second week here at UC Santa Cruz and so far, I love it! It’s a whole different story than the one from High School. Let’s start of by talking about my classes, my school goes by quarters so that makes it somewhat complicated to me because we only have three months to cover a whole bunch of stuff. I am only taking three classes, Math, English and a Chicano Studies class. But so far, I am loving my classes and everything here at Santa Cruz is so awesome. The people here are so nice and helpful, my first days in campus were not that bad because students and staff were helping me out on whatever I needed help on. I thought that making friends was going to be challenging for me, but not at all because even though I’ve only been here for two weeks I have made several of friends. My roommates are so awesome! I get along with them so well, the three of us have so many things in common which makes it easy for me to feel at home. I feel so comfortable here at Santa Cruz and I am looking forward to a successful first year of college.