Transitioning Into College

The thought of college seemed exciting, however, as the date approaches, I found myself very nervous. As the first member in my family to attend college, I felt the amount of pressure weighing on my shoulders. I do not know what to think or how to feel when I think about college. Although the college experience seemed great in movies, I thought my experience would differ.
During summer, I attended orientation for my school, in which, I met new friends and became familiar with different resources/organizations within my school. I attended various presentations that lectured about UCLA, however, only one presentation had caught my attention. I remember the exact words the speaker had said, “If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.” I thought about what he had said throughout the whole day, and I thought to myself, “Well, if you really wanted to change, you would have to accept the challenge.” I memorized the quote and applied it whenever I needed reassurance. I enrolled into my fall quarter courses, and felt excited rather than nervous. I was ready to start the quarter- new classes, new friends, new setting.
I am now happy to say that I am now moved in, and eager to start college. I am impatient to meet all the professors, and learn about all the wonderful things they have to teach. I have prepared myself by attending different departmental meetings to understand the requirements for my major. Looking through my school website, I understand what my professors expect and purchased all the necessary materials needed for my classes. In advance, I have read a chapter of each textbook for each course. I have set appointments to talk to my academic counselor in order to create a plan that will prepare me for my future career.