A few bumps in the road

I am currently attending Berkeley City College for fall semester and it’s been great. However, there were a few bumps in the beginning.

I didn’t realize that the syllabus was so important. IT IS. Reading it thoroughly was something I didn’t do which I regret not doing. I had to drop a class because of it. I thought I had done my part for the group presentation (I did) but I didn’t do other HW assignments that were specified in the syllabus.

I freaked out because it was barely the second week of school. How could I mess up so early and easily? I felt like a failure because of the decision I chose. Leaving my group the day of when we had to present to the class. I sent them an email two hours before the class had started saying something on the lines of I’m sorry but I am dropping the class; attached are my detailed notes for the presentation. Once again I am very deeply sorry. I felt like the worst person ever.

First of all, I’m not the type of person to simply give up on something. It’s took me a lot of strength to leave my group as well as dropping the class that same day. I felt like a failure and it made me doubt myself. I began to question myself. Was I ready for UC Berkeley?

At that moment in time I let one class define who I was. I let that one mistake get the best of me and I wish I would’ve not broken down but grab that situation by the horns and followed through. In the end I felt proud that I was able to make a decision that would benefit myself. I tend to put others before myself but for once I thought of myself.

I dropped the class before the deadline of receiving a W. Also after dropping the class I realize I did not like business. Every time the professor would ask the class what type of business do you see yourself running or what product do you see yourself creating? I’d go blank every time and I couldn’t think of anything. I’d end up thinking of other companies that already existed; nothing out of the ordinary came up in my mind.

Other than that one mistake I made everything else has gone great! I’m still learning about myself and one thing that I’ve enjoyed at Berkeley City College is meeting new people. I learned that I genuinely love meeting new people and talking about anything that comes to mind. These friendships I believe will last a lifetime. I’m going to miss them when I go to UC Berkeley in the spring. We’ll keep in touch for sure (promised a friend I’d swipe him in for a meal swipe).